Cosmic Yoga

Cosmic Yoga, the fusion of ancient yoga practices and mediation is a powerful and holistic approach to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Guru Lokanatha formulated this Cosmic Yoga to initiate the young generation of this ancient country to become self-reliant in physical, mental and spiritual planes. To successfully come out the depression prevailing in the modern rat race world, Cosmic Yoga proves to be a powerful tool for anyone, specially the youth.

This initiative of Guru Lokanatha is the central idea of the services of this Trust. For achieving this Yoga and Meditation camps would be conducted at different places of the country at stipulated intervals.

A general flow to start the week with positivity. Suitable for all levels (including beginners) 60 mins

Cardio meets stamina, flexibility and fun in a class designed to rev the heart rate on the mat. Suitable for improvers.