Sponsor a cottages

  • The Devotees are encouraged to donate for construction of rooms for pilgrims.
  • For small room of 4.5 x 5mts the donation is Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • For small room of 6 x 5mts the donation is Rs. 10 Lakhs
  • For being a part in Pravachan Mandiram Rs. 3 Lakhs


30 days accommodation in a calender year during the Life time of the donor /spouse or 20 years which ever is later in case of individual donation. For 20 years only in case of Firms/Trust/Company/Joint Donation.

Donations are accepted in the name of majors (who completed 18 years of age ) only & not in the name of minors.


Feeding devotees is equal to feeding the Deity. It is considered that annadanam is the utmost of all other daanams. Hence, donation to Annaprasadam is not only feeding the pilgrims but also away to accumulate piousness or punyam. Ashram requests every to donate generously to this scheme.